— About Your Photographer —

Hi, I'm Ashley :) My greatest joy is my family - I have 2 young girls, Sophia + Emmy, who keep me on my toes most days! They are my whole world. Being their mama is the most awarding, amazing job in the world. Our days are filled with hip hop dance classes, bed time stories, soccer practice, movie nights, and lots of caffeine on my part :) I'm married to a goofy, yet hard working man named Jordan. I'm incredibly lucky that I get to do life with my best friend by my side. My spirit animal is Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, I'm a Disney Junkie at heart, someday I want to get an RV & take the greatest road trip across America ever, I'm on a first name basis with the employees at Target, my hair will most likely be a different color/cut/style each time you see me, I'm addicted to Diet Coke from McD's, I could spend all day browsing antique shops, and I can't function without my Starbucks.

My photography journey started at the age of 12 when I would spend hours photographing my pet cat, Milo, modeling outfits in fashion shows :) Bless his little heart. I continued to enjoy taking photos as the years went on but it never hit me that this was something I had a passion for until I was around 21 years old. I soon purchased my first "real" camera and began practicing on anyone and everyone that would allow me the chance. On my photography journey, I dabbled in a little bit of everything but one day it just seemed to click for me: Newborns & Babies are where my heart is...which brought me to where I am now :) I never had big dreams of being a professional photographer as a child...In fact, I had been in college with plans of majoring in Nursing. Photography was something that felt so completely natural to me, something that inspired me, something that just felt right. I followed my heart and it just happened. I am so thankful this is my job!